Niagara Dove Release 


Weddings and Engagements

Propose with White Doves!

Doves represent eternal love and new beginnings.

Surprise your partner with the beauty and excitement of white doves

when you pop the question!

Celebrate your wedding day with pure white doves! 

Say "I Do!" and let the doves fly!

Once you've signed your wedding license and your officiant introduces you as marital partners, it's time to release the doves! Whether you hold them in your hands or release them from the basket, box, or cage, these doves are sure to delight your guests!

Our doves live outside year round and have been trained to fly home from your event in Niagara, Erie, Hamilton, and Southwestern Burlington, Ontario, Canada. 

We do not release in the United States.

1 dove, display, handler for $320 and $20 per each additional dove

2 doves  ... for $340

5 doves  ... for $400

10 doves ... for $500

20 doves ... for $700

each additional dove is $20

(example: 3 doves = $320+ $20 +$20 = $360)

(Display plus one dove at $320 plus two doves at $20 each)

What to Expect at Your Event

All dove releases include a dove handler who will arrive at your pre-determined location prior to the event where they will set up a beautiful and appropriate display to suit your special occasion, the requested number of doves in their release cages, and may provide ornamental silk flowers and/or decorative elements added to compliment the event. This is all included in the fee. Our dove handler may explain to the gathering why the doves are being used for this event, and can reassure your guests that these doves will be travelling home to our dove loft. Please let our handler know if you wish the handler to say a few short words. Our dove handler will facilitate the handling of the doves as requested, either by showing participants how to hold and release their dove or how to open the cage they have been provided with. Once the ceremony or engagement has concluded the dove handler will dismantle the display and leave to receive and attend to the doves that will be returning home.