Niagara Dove Release 

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Memorials and Funerals

1. Choose the number of doves you would like

2. a colour for display accents

3. and poem 

                                                         and we'll do the rest.

We understand this is a difficult time to be organizing a funeral or memorial so let us make this as easy as possible for you. The dove release ceremony itself is short and sweet, approximately 10-15 minutes. Simply choose a display colour and the number of doves and we will put together a moment your family will hold in their hearts forever. Your Spiritual Leader or a chosen member of the family will preside over the traditional service followed by our small, complimentary dove release ceremony. This is your loved one's special day and we are open to honouring them in any manner you so choose. We can provide you with an outline of a basic script with a suggested poem read upon the doves release. We welcome friends and family members to participate in any readings, stories, songs, and any other tributes you wish. Fill in the personal information about your loved one and adapt it the way they would have liked their day to be. We try to make every event unique. Let us know what we can do and we will accommodate to the best of our abilities then relax and let us take care of everything.

1 dove for $200

2 doves for $220

6 doves for $300

10 doves for $380

20 doves for $580

each additional dove is $20

(example: 3 doves = $220+ $20= $240)

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