Niagara Dove Release 

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Life at the Loft

Located in the lush fruit landscapes situated between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie these beautiful white homing doves nest in their loft looking forward to flying at your special event. Our white doves enjoy the freedom to fly about as they wish and are self-routined under my constant watch. I have the great joy of feeding them and sharing the garden space we call home and rarely close their aviary depending upon the elements and their protection as anyone with pets would do to keep their loved ones safe. Our white doves begin their day with an early morning fly for exercise followed by breakfast and then grooming time, another fly about and back for an afternoon nap, one more fly before bed and such is the life of a white dove. Getting to fly long distances is a special treat for them. Whenever we release them anywhere in the Niagara Peninsula they quickly race each other home to their loft in our backyard where I leave them a reward of a buffet of their favorite seeds. They can be home to Jordan from NOTL or Port Colborne in less than 40 minutes. White Homers are some of the tamest of birds around people and yet love their freedom to fly as much as they want out here in the country. These White Homers would love to fly at your next event.

You will soon be able to come and holiday at our new Bed and Breakfast. Relax while you watch the doves fly about the garden. Enjoy the bunnies in their outdoor habitats while you sip on a lovely cup of coffee or tea. Check back for details.

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Niagara Dove Release is committed to creating a pleasant environment for everyone big and small.

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