Niagara Dove Release 



Doves and Delicacies

Doves and Delicacies

Release white doves at your pop up picnic to celebrate your special occasion!

Groups of  2 - 8 people

Whether you are Proposing, Celebrating an Anniversary, Birthday, Baby/Bridal Shower, or just having Lunch with Friends, your daytime picnic experience is complimented with a

Live Dove Release to celebrate!

(Available in warm weather months throughout the Niagara Region from Easter through to Thanksgiving only)

Food & Drink

Food: Charcuterie Grazing Board or Box with assorted meats, cheeses, seasonal fruit, crackers and sweet and savoury pairings.  For some heavier food options consider adding lunch from a local establishment which I will pick up and include for an additional fee.

Drink: Sparkling Sodas or Juices and Bottled Waters 

                 (Sorry, no alcohol is allowed at public parks and beaches so we don't offer it.)


Table and Chairs for your comfort, small ground Lounging Area with plush pillows, and warm blankets, Delightful Aesthetics, Silk Flowers, Personalized Sign, Personal Cleanliness Provisions, and one Live White Dove per person to release in Celebration!

Release Live White Doves

Upon arrival, please make yourself comfortable with the surroundings, toast with a refreshing beverage, release your white doves to celebrate your special occasion, then settle in and enjoy your edible delights together. All doves will be released at the same time from one size-appropriate dove release box or cage. Doves must be released as soon as reasonably possible to ensure their safe flight home.

Start to Finish Service

The best part about Doves and Delicacies is that everything is ready upon your arrival so you can indulge in your time together. All the set up and clean up is completely taken care of. 

Payment must be made in full three days prior to date or occasion.

2 Person Package $375

4 Person Package $425

6 Person Package $475

8 Person Package $525

Please Know ...

You have the venue for a maximum of three hours. If you wish to leave before your three hours are up please notify me so I can return before you have left so I can clean up. Please do not leave the site unattended as you will be billed for any missing or damaged items.

Thank you, Lisa