Niagara Dove Release 

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Celebrate your wedding day with pure white doves! 

2 doves for $220

and $20 per additional dove inclusive

Discount at 10 doves for $350

                     20 doves for $400

Our doves are experienced flyers and can fly home throughout the year. We usually display your doves outside however in the colder months we can display them inside and then walk outside to release them. Our doves have been trained so that once released they fly home.

Children at your event?

Critter Bin*

*Add White Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Winter White Dwarf Hamsters,
and Silkie Chickens
in a play area to your dove release package for only 
$100 more

(Regularly $220 - $300
play station and handler included)
*Age of Rabbits may vary


Funerals and Memorials

Choose the number of doves you would like

and your loved one's favourite colour and song

and we'll do the rest.

We understand this is a difficult time to be organizing a funeral so let us make this as easy as possible for you. The dove release ceremony itself is short and sweet, approximately 10 minutes. Simply choose a colour and the number of doves and we will put together a moment your family will hold in their hearts forever. Your Spiritual Leader or a chosen member of the family will preside over the traditional service followed by our small, complimentary dove release ceremony. This is your loved one's special day and we are open to honouring them in any manner you so choose. We will provide you with an outline of a basic script with a suggested poem and your choice of a song they would have liked to be played upon the doves release. Fill in the personal information about your loved one and adapt it the way they would have liked their day to be. Let us know what we can do and we will accommodate to the best of our abilities then relax and let us take care of everything.


 Daytime Family Parties

Let Niagara Dove Release bring the fun to your child's celebration!

              Seedling Package $220                                              Garden Package $300

                             1 hour                                                                           2 hours

                 (2 Doves, 2 Bunnies*, 2 Guinea Pigs, )                                                                 (4 Doves, 4 Bunnies*, 3 Guinea Pigs,

                  4 Winter White Dwarf Hamsters)                                                    6 Winter White Dwarf Hamsters, 2 Silkie Chickens)

Entertaining and Educational

*Bunnies may vary in age

Choose Your Birds!

Custom Displays!

We reserve the right to choose the appropriate cage or substitute cages at anytime but will accommodate your requests as best as we can.

What to Expect at Your Event

Tell us how many doves you'd like, the colour and theme you've chosen, where, and when you're event is, pay the fee, and we will do the rest. We like to keep it elegant yet simple.

Our dove handler will:

  • arrive prior to event and set up
  • can decorate the display with silk flowers or you may have your florist add real flowers
  • hand the doves to participants and answer questions
  • may play an appropriate CD on a portable player or iPhone and/or read a poem
  • may say a few words if requested
  • dismantle and remove display

It's a Celebration of Life! All dove releases include a dove handler who will arrive at your pre-determined location prior to the event where they will set up a table with a beautiful and appropriate display to suit the occasion, the requested number of doves in their release cages, and may provide ornamental silk flowers and/or decorative elements added to compliment the event. Our dove handler may explain to the gathering why the doves are being used for this event, and can reassure your guests that these doves will be travelling home to our dove loft. Please let our handler know if you wish the handler to say a few short words. Our dove handler will facilitate the handling of the doves as requested, either by showing participants how to hold and release their dove or how to open the cage they have been provided with. Once the ceremony has concluded the dove handler will dismantle the display and leave to receive and attend to the doves that will be returning home. Scroll down this screen to "Terms and Conditions" for more details.

Includes cage, ornamentation, and dove handler


A $50 deposit is required to secure your order. Once received your request is considered confirmed.

Please give 14 days notice of cancellation to receive a full refund on your deposit.

Payments can be made by cash, credit card through PayPal, cheque, or e-transfer.


Terms and Conditions

  • We release only healthy white rock doves that have been properly trained to return to our dove loft in Jordan Station from anywhere in the Niagara and Hamilton Regions.
  • We do not release in the United States. My apologies. May I suggest contacting the White Doves of Niagara on Facebook or whitedovesociety.com for a suggested Dove/Pigeon Fancier near you.
  • Our birds can safely locate their way home from 60km away. This easily contains an area from parts of Hamilton to Fort Erie and Selkirk to Niagara-on-the-Lake.
  • We will not release our birds in heavy rain, fog, extremely high wind, or any other acts of nature. Niagara Dove Release reserves the right to make the final decision to cancel release. The safety of the birds comes first.
  • Our birds will not be released at night and must be released at least two hours prior to sunset because, like all birds, they simply fall asleep. We will not release the birds inside at events and we do not ship birds for self-release although you may pick them up for self-release. You are purchasing services not the birds nor the cages. All items we bring to events are rentals and return with us. The birds will not be released if there is any danger to their safety.  This includes loose animals, overhead wires, or predators at the discretion of Niagara Dove Release.
  • Birds are live animals and that means that they have to eliminate waste however by pre-planning and prolonging the time between meals in accordance with your event time we can avert possible avian faecal mishaps. The handler will also be able to instruct participants in the proper gentle handling of the dove in order to prevent an accident from occurring however should a dove poop unceremoniously upon a participant please understand we will not be held liable for an accidental act of nature. We will provide you and your guests with tissues and hand sanitizer. As professional dove handlers we do everything possible to prevent such accidents on your special day. It is our intention to make your event memorable in a positive way.
  • Our white doves are exceptionally clean and we allow them to bathe on a regular basis. We provide hand sanitizer at your event for your convenience and piece of mind. A healthy Dove releases white powder from their feathers. You may find your hands feel powdery after holding a dove. Please be considerate of your guests and use the hand sanitizer before shaking hands with people. Some people have allergies to birds and we do our best to avoid causing anyone to react.
  • Some guests may not be as comfortable with wildlife as you are. At Niagara Dove Release we strive to reacquaint people with nature without causing undue fear of it. We are happy to answer questions and help individuals learn more about the gentleness or our birds. If anyone wishes to pet a bird we will happily accommodate their request as long as time permits. Our birds are friendly and used to being around people but are quick to try to fly if they feel there's a threat. Please don't scare the birds. Small children and dogs are curious and will automatically run up to the cage and try to get as close to the bird as possible and as handlers we are aware of this curiosity and are prepared to intercept as needed. We ask your assistance in helping to restrain them to the best of your abilities. Please remember that dogs and cats eat birds. So please keep the dogs and cats far away from the birds and it's even better not to have dogs or cats at the event if you have chosen to have birds and/or small animals. I can't stress this enough.
  • Event date and time must be scheduled at least two days in advance and must be agreed upon by Niagara Dove Release.
  • Release must take place within 45 minutes of scheduled time. Our doves have already been in the cage for transport for a while before your event so please be considerate of this. They normally fly free at home and are conscious of having their own space. If they are left in the cage for too long they will get cranky.
  • We care for our animals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in all weather conditions. We spend the days before your event preparing our birds and your event's personalized display which on average takes two or three hours minimum. Communication, documentation, and event evaluation travel costs add to our expenses. If the release is cancelled by Niagara Dove Release due to inclement weather or other acts of nature, your money will be refunded excepting $50 for a preparation fee.
  • If the scheduled release is cancelled by you or a member of your party at any time up to two days prior to your event, this service will be void and all but a $50 preparation fee will be issued by Niagara Dove Release. If the event is cancelled on the day of the event by you or a member of your party no fee will be refunded.
  • Niagara Dove Release provides services for everyone. We do not discriminate. Birds and Animals are meant for everyone to enjoy.
  • Please be advised that any images obtained by Niagara Dove Release during your event may be utilized in the promotion of our services. If you do not wish any or certain images relating to your event to be used please inform us in writing/email and we will abide by your wishes respectfully. If you have images you would like to share with us we can received them by text message, email, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram. Videos may be sent by Dropbox. [email protected] Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Events in Winter

Our doves are experienced flyers and can fly home throughout the year. We will display your doves inside at your event in the colder months and then walk outside to release your doves. There are a larger number of raptors in Niagara at this time however our doves have the advantage that they are faster flyers. Our doves have been trained so that once released they fly straight home and into our lofts. We do not release our doves indoors however we, as experienced handlers, will bring them out of their cage and walk them about for your guests to interact with them. We also offer training on how to properly hold our doves and how to overcome a fear of handling birds throughout the year.

Niagara Dove Release