Niagara Dove Release 

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The Hatching of an Idea?                             February 23, 2018

As I shaded my eyes from the bright summer sun I felt the tiny feet of a delicate, little bird light upon my wrist. Slowly I moved my hand away from my face so I could see what had landed on me and to my absolute delight there was a plucky chickadee balancing upon his lame foot and singing sweetly without a care in the world. It appeared he had an affinity for turquoise and silver bracelets and was fascinated by the bangle that clung to my wrist. As he tapped at the turquoise I restrained my desire to express my enthusiasm vocally so as not to frighten him away. I was thrilled to say the least!

My husband and I had moved to the country over a decade ago from the city and, after raising our children, we had become empty nesters. As we sat on the deck in our backyard we discussed what possibilities lay before us as we headed into our retirement years when this beautiful little chickadee had decided to join us. We have both worked in industries where we have been of service to our communities in various capacities and now, as we noted the effects of time were creeping up upon us, we needed to formulate a next-stage-in-life plan. 

I was finding our empty house was too lonely and knowing there would be no grandchildren to fill it for quite some time, I began to pester my husband about getting a pet to keep us company. As he reminded me, I am allergic to animals of all kinds, and so having something furry in our home was probably not a great idea for my health. I sulked.

"I was transposed to the idea of a new path in life."

So far my path had gone this way: I had been a counsellor working with people in our community looking to restructure their lives and find employment. I had had my own counselling practice. I had driven a large school bus equipped to also handle handicapped students as well as all ages of able bodied students. I had worked for a media provider of local news in type and I had worked at a fine dining establishment with a hotel, and event services, as a hostess, server, bartender, and assisting in various executioning of events. My education included Media, Art, Design, Human Resources, and minor Psychology studies in both College and University settings and somehow I needed to put this diversity to work but I had no idea how.

A few days later, as I leisurely surfed posted videos of loved ones returning from their military tours to the surprise of their families, and baby announcements of triplets soon to be born, I  came across a video of a woman who looked a lot like me holding a white dove at a gathering. As I watched the video, soft music playing to elevate the mood of the ceremony she was performing, I realized this was a white dove release in memorium for a woman who had passed away. Her husband and grown children along with their family were standing together on the side of a small hill overlooking a pond holding a white dove and as this gentle dove lady spoke you could feel the grief the family shared. When the husband, holding so tenderly the white dove this gentle woman had handed him, and his daughters were ready to say goodbye to this wonderful woman who had passed the husband, with all his love, kissed the white dove and released her symbolically into the sky. In that moment his pain flowed unrestrained from him and was relieved. His heart elevated ever so slightly from the weight of his loss and I was transposed to the idea of a new path in life.

 It was almost as if I had walked out of a tunnel and into the light of day. There was the conglomerate of all my education and experience in one business model along with the opportunity to have pets that I could keep outdoors. I was excited and inspired and I wanted to make it happen right away but obstacles are always bound to pop up and so our journey to creating Niagara Dove Release began bit by bit.