Niagara Dove Release 

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It's a celebration of life and white doves are the perfect choice to signify eternal love, peace, new beginnings, prosperity, serenity, release, and hope. Niagara Dove Release is committed to providing beautiful, healthy, well-trained homing doves for your special occasion in the Niagara Region of Canada along with a trained professional dove handler. Each dove has been lovingly nurtured and guided in preparation for the journey home from your event to their cozy dove loft located in beautiful Jordan Station on the southern shore of Lake Ontario.

Make your memories more meaningful with Niagara Dove Release. 

We do not do dove releases in the United States.


For that special day


Say farewell with a Celebration of Life Dove Release

Special Occasions

Family Reunions, Education, Birthday Celebrations

Sports and Recreational Events


Promote your business

Inspirational Gatherings

Begin or end your event with a dove release

So much more...

Niagara Dove Release is committed to providing a compassionate element to your event by offering a professional dove handler to guide your guests in the appropriate and safe release of these gentle messengers. Upon prior request we would be happy to read a chosen favourite recitation or deliver words of encouragement, praise, and comfort to enhance your celebration whether it's a wedding, special occasion, funeral, memorial, business function, birthday, fundraiser, benefit, or any other important event. 

Grow and Release